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Our hope is in Him

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It still seems so unconceivable that you’re just not here on this earth anymore and that you are never going to walk through Mom’s door again. It’s been 6 years today but it feels like yesterday I was pleading with God to let you stay. I miss your unmistakeable joy and your beautiful smile. I miss every second that you were here with me for I carry within me the incredible cost of your absence and just how undeniably missed ...

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Friend’s Poem

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Have you, like me, ever postulated the age old question, where is God?

Have you tried in vain, to explain, a possible answer when tragedy strikes?

Or did you refrain from words of comfort you thought might not

How do you tell the one who knows our Lord above, about His love?

Explain if you can why He heals some, but not others

Tell me now if you can explain why some must live in horrific pain?

Or tell if you can the reason why ...

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