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It is with an overwhelming purpose I write here today as I feel to the core of my soul the need for you to know Jesus. There is an intensive fight going on for your soul and as you live your day to day life you might not even be aware, you might not even care. I promise you your life is a gift and you are here with incredible purpose. There can never ever be another you, You Are Irreplaceable.  When my son died it became real for me just how unique you are. We will one day leave this earth and take with us only the people we have loved and the choices we have made. I am praying for you!

Hebrews 9:27 says, “it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment.” Some day you are going to meet God. It could be at the time you die. It could be when Jesus comes again. Either way, you can’t avoid it.  Are you ready?

We have all been given incredible purpose. All of us.

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I am a women and mother who finds my serenity in the Grace of God. In my life there is no greater purpose then to Love a child. There is no higher calling then to Love one another. I have found my immovability in His Never-ending Love for me. I have found Him Faithful even to the depths of the grave.


  1. BrendaTuxford  May 18, 2012

    Dear Ethel
    This is a beautiful tribute to Daniel. Believing God will use this site and all that you share to bring souls into the kingdom and to set those who are in prison free!!!!!!!!!

    Love you


    • Momma T  May 20, 2012

      Thanks so Much Bren,

      It’s been quite the journey but I can say that “through it all I have learned to trust in Jesus!”
      I have been in the front row seat of His Mercies, Goodness and Grace! It is my greatest desire to Lift the Name Of Jesus Higher. He has been my Greatest Comfort and my Truest Friend! Wish I could say the same!

      Much Love to you always,
      Momma T

  2. Grandma  May 20, 2012

    You were known as “3 hug Dan”. You had that ability to make whomever you were talking to feel that they were important enough to have your full attention. When we were going to leave we got a hug, when we got as far as the door, we got a hug, and then you followed us out to the car and we got another hug. How we miss those hugs today. We never knew the effect you had on others until you left us and it was evident by those who came to mourn. You were a Blessing Dan and we miss you.
    Love Grandma


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