He’s Making a Masterpiece in Me

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Some days the hurt is deeper than the darkness and even the light decides to hide beneath the washbasin of refreshing. When you can’t find the cleansing release of the new day you are eager to take part in and you’re pretending you’re okay take heart, God listens even in the shadows of our organised controlling delusions that we are strong.

It’s so easy to look at our health circumstances, broken relationships, financial difficulties or unthinkable losses. But I know this, whatever happens God is with me for at my weakest He came down and at my strongest He carries me.

It must have been so difficult for time not to curve at the feet of God when he walked the earth or the trees not to reposition themselves and bend before Him. If God kept time quiet inside His purpose on earth, I know He can hush the world in me where time’s stronghold is only the enemy a little longer.

For just as the generosity of the rainbow’s promise decorates the skies in second chances we can gaze upon our incredible worth in ribbons of watered tears and know that God is making a work of art for us.

I choose to look up and see the unconditional love of God for me in shades of amazing color picturing the joy that it gives God to be my Dad.

I love You, O LORD, my strength. – Psalm 18:1

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I am a women and mother who finds my serenity in the Grace of God. In my life there is no greater purpose then to Love a child. There is no higher calling then to Love one another. I have found my immovability in His Never-ending Love for me. I have found Him Faithful even to the depths of the grave.

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