His Grace Finds Me

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When Daniel died I felt deep, unfathomable loss and a grief that overwhelmed me but I didn’t stay there and people have asked me why. I thought I would take this day to try and pen my peace.

I don’t spend much time in tears at all, I would have to say the only day I feel a drop forming is the day he died. In that quiet moment I feel the regret for moments lost trying to overpower me but then grace shows up and those circumstances lose there power over me; I am not alone. God’s mercies for me really do make every single thing turn for good! I have a child in Heaven secure forever surrounded in His Love, which brings me beautiful rest.

When Jesus conquered death He released us from deaths outcome, we don’t cease we reawaken!

I think God lends to us some of His most Beautiful Lights for a short time sharing that sparkle He has whispered into their extraordinary soul then when that whisper finds its way Home again there must be no end to His delight to feel His own breath again!

I have a wonderful, celebrated peace because I believe Him. No brilliant words here just a confidence in what He did for me and Daniel. We were made for so much more than this world and in my soul this truth is alive and I am exceptionally aware of Him. His Grace has found me!

For God has already taken a pen and written redeemed on me. I’m no longer a slave to the fear of deaths rulebook, I am His Girl!

“When your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight, for I bear your name, LORD God Almighty.” – Jeremiah 15:16

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I am a women and mother who finds my serenity in the Grace of God. In my life there is no greater purpose then to Love a child. There is no higher calling then to Love one another. I have found my immovability in His Never-ending Love for me. I have found Him Faithful even to the depths of the grave.

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