Merry Christmas

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As Christmas draws near I am very much aware that some will tenderly be empty throughout the day! I have always loved this time of year, it is my absolute favorite day to celebrate but this year I am sensitive to the cost of our human condition that can weigh down the heart that so desperately wants to embrace Joy again! I have been struggling to find purpose in my own agony in missing another person in my life and as the season is quickly coming upon me, I notice the absence a bit more. I know that pain can find us all in our lives in lots of different ways so I wanted to look past myself!

I decided to look around me and I found I was not alone.

Depression has a better opportunity to devour you completely when you feel trapped by the pain and the struggle of the darkness in the alleyway where we cannot find our way out alone. Sometimes all we need is a Light and Someone to discover us. So that’s what I decided to do was seek the soul that feels broken by the stillness of care, hunched quietly in the shadows unable to find the Light!

This world needs more Light Keepers!

I’m not saying that sorrow still won’t visit you as you step out to go forward as sometimes life can be so unfair, but I am saying that sorrow losses some of its Power over you and another when you choose to be a Light Keeper! I am going to visit the nursing home on Christmas Day and be a Lighthouse of Hope to the Soul that just needs to remember that they are not alone. If I can hold the lamp of compassion and kindness out than I can sit under the Happiness it radiates and if it’s only for a part of my day, than that part of my day was not wrapped around unhappiness and that sounds like a win-win to me! Lord help me and everyone reading to be the holder of a Lamp!

Matthew 5:14 You are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

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I am a women and mother who finds my serenity in the Grace of God. In my life there is no greater purpose then to Love a child. There is no higher calling then to Love one another. I have found my immovability in His Never-ending Love for me. I have found Him Faithful even to the depths of the grave.

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