Never-ending Love

Okay so I have been asking God this week about things in my life as you well know this world can throw so much at us. I don’t know why it is that most times I can hear so clearly His voice but with self-determination I’ll keep waffling in exhaustion.

When I am seeking, I simply ask God for a scripture verse in my heart and He answers me. But here’s the thing, I know He’s clearly told me still I struggle to follow. Simply put I still kind of want my way because I’m not sure He realises it’s going to hurt or worse yet that He can offer a greater deal than the one behind door 2.

But when I think about what I just considered, it’s absolutely ridiculous.

I really can’t understand how God can be so outrageously patient, but He is with me.

So today I wanted to blog His Faithful, Patient Never-ending Love.

I have never faced anything alone, all I ever had to do was ask. That doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt more than anything as I begged for it to pass me by, it just means I didn’t weep by myself. I wish though that I wasn’t such a big baby when it came to waiting on God, but I am. I can relate to Sarah who believed in God, trusted in God but still went ahead of God and created havoc in the confusion of jealousy. Yet even in the disorder of her/my reckless abandonment, God keeps His promises.

Whatever is around the bend for me God is already there. He is the corner creator and time’s maker. So it’s no surprise to me that the word for today is my life verse, speaking of a new direction about the exact thing I asked about with the title “What is God saying to you?”

“Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.” – Isaiah 65:24

He is doing it again, there’s no turning back. He has/is the answer because He is the Way, the Truth and my Life!

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