Philippians 4

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Today’s message at Church was Rejoice in Conflict, one of the very many things I struggle with. I had coffee with a Friend yesterday and as she walked in the room there was a noticeable difference that was eye-catching to everyone in the room. She had a new radiance about her, a loveliness and she beautifully stood-out! I told her how amazing she looked and she told me God was making a difference in her life.

My mirror fell off the wall the other day. I wasn’t in the room but I heard the enormous crash and I knew without looking it was shattered. Sometimes I feel tired and I complain too much. Sometimes I fall down and feel broken.

I told her that I had been going through some valley experiences and that I knew God was making a transformation in my life too, however I felt fastened to the bottom of life’s hardships measured by each coming wave determined to cover my face.

As I talked I heard myself saying but I know God is holding my chin and keeping me just above drowning’s covering, and even though I believe in my heart He is asking me to let go of “every weight that slows me down, the sin that trips me up and to run with endurance the race God has set before me” I still kind of wanted to run “my” race. You know the race that looks behind, erects signs of protest and fears the crowds of rejection. I wonder why I just don’t let go but I know even when I don’t in His Mercy He is with me.

So if you’re in the crowd watching, I’ll be the one with the nametag called Grace and you’ll see lots of broken pieces but I still Love Him with my Whole heart cause I know the Finish Line has the final word!

Just like a mirror that fell can reflect a little brokenness in life we can too, but it’s not what you see in the reflection that displays your worth it’s what you believe is yet to come! – Momma T

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I am a women and mother who finds my serenity in the Grace of God. In my life there is no greater purpose then to Love a child. There is no higher calling then to Love one another. I have found my immovability in His Never-ending Love for me. I have found Him Faithful even to the depths of the grave.


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    I love these. .I just reread some of there a way they can come directly to me? In an email ?

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